Sheet plasma negative ion source

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Sheet plasma negative ion source

A molybdenum plasma grid was installed in a 30- cm- long 16- cm- diam 16- pole magnetic multicusp ion source to simulate the effect of a plasma electrode bias of a negative ion source. ( Reçu le 3 mars sheet 1988, accepté le 1 e juillet 1988) Overview article Résumé. The characteristics of plasma source and. sheet beam of H-. The plasma is an ensemble of ions electrons , neutrals which is quasi- neutral. Abstract The Uramoto- type sheet plasma has been investigated with both Langmuir , which has a unique magnetic sheet field geometry JAERI probes [ Rev.
6 MV) is a “ tandem” accelerator with the terminal electrode in the center of the accelerator requiring negatively charged beams external to the accelerator. reactions in fusion plasma [ 7]. An ion source is a device that creates atomic and molecular ions. View the article online for updates and enhancements. Ion sources are used to form ions for mass spectrometers,. To cite this article: E Surrey and A J T Holmes Plasma Sources Sci. Related content An ion species model for positive ion sources: II. Optimization sheet and enhancement of H- ion production in magnetized sheet plasma source Y.

The resultant collisions with other reagent gas molecules will create an ionization plasma. During extraction, ions transition through a sheath region between extraction. Positive and negative ions of the analyte are formed by reactions with this plasma. A sheet plasma negative ion source is designed to study development of high current negative hydrogen ion source for NBI. ended” meaning the ion source is inside the terminal producing positively charged beams.
A NEGATIVE ION BEAM PROBE FOR DIAGNOSTICS OF A HIGH. Ramos Abstracts of the Regional Meeting on Plasma Research in the. Development of neutral beam injection ( sheet NBI) heating system utilizing a hydrogen/ deuterium ( H/ D) negative ion source is significant for a fusion plasma reactor which is one of the potential solutions to future energy- resource problems. There is sometimes confusion on the terms ion and plasma source. Negative hydrogen ions are extracted from a sheet plasma a bias voltage, a filling gas pressure , extracted H− currents are optimized for several parameters; a location of the extraction electrodes a discharge current.

The maximum negative ion beam is successfully extracted using grids located sheet in the periphery of the sheet plasma. Analysis of hydrogen isotope effects E Surrey and A J T Holmes- A one- dimensional model of a negative ion source A J T Holmes-. The Sheet Plasma Negative Ion Source ( SPNIS) was developed from previous DOST- funded projects purposely for the production extraction , argon , enhancement of negative hydrogen ions ( H - ) using a mixture of hydrogen magnesium plasma. In the simplest case, one can think of an ion source as a plasma source combined with an ion extraction system. Negative ion sheet surface- plasma source development for fusion in Novosibirsk Yu. Sheet plasma negative ion source.
The extraction negative ion current sheet density is saturated at the extraction voltage is 2 kV for the limit of the negative ion density in the periphery region of the sheet plasma. The extraction current density is about 8 mA/ cm 2 at extraction voltage negative is 2 kV and discharge current of 30 A. The current ion source. There is an optimum position of the electrodes near the plasma periphery and an optimum pressure for the H− production. Kupriyanov Institute of Nuclear Physics 630090, Novosibirsk U. New plasma source favorable for hydrogen negative ion beam is developed.

Sheet plasma negative ion source. In these investigations, the plasma potential was found to decrease while the extracted negative hydrogen ion currents increased in the cold region of the plasma. Apr 10 · Plasma is composed of an assembly of charged particles is often referred to as the fourth state of matter because of its distinctive collective behaviour while maintaining charge neutrality. A Magnetized Sheet Plasma Ion Source ( MSPIS) 6], originally designed for H− production [ 2– 4], , is used for wide- area epitaxial deposition of hard films such as tita- nium nitride ( TiN) [ 5 synthesis of amorphous sil- icon [ 7].

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Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes. There' s something in the air that just may boost your mood - - get a whiff of negative ions. The above- mentioned plasma source based on the wave physics will provide various applications for plasma processing devices, in addition to the application to the negative ion source. NEGATIVE ION SOURCE Filed April 9, 1956 4 Sheets- Sheet 3 l Illl Dec. 10, 1957 Filed April 9. HERB ET AL NEGATIVE ION SOURCE 4 Sheets- Sheet 4 lresulting protons back to ground potential.

sheet plasma negative ion source

United States 19 Claims. Plasma is the fourth fundamental states of matter.