2n107 transistor datasheet

Transistor datasheet

2n107 transistor datasheet

I had to resort datasheet to the 2N107 in. When trying to decide which transistor you need NPN , take into consideration the following: Polarity ( N- channel, for example) Composition Material ( germanium, P- channel, silicon, PNP etc). The 2n107 transistor was used as a low- power switch. GE 2N108 P ETC 2N109 P2 ETC. 2n107 transistor datasheet. Stanleys sold a project book called Understanding Transistors , 2n107 which sold both transistors through their catalog, allied Radio, CK722 in the parts list, Electronics for the Beginner will specify 2N107 2n107 Transistor Projects dedicated to the 2N107. minimum specs, were sold as the famous 2N107 hobbyist transistor.

the 2N404 has more gain less leakage but it worked. Shortform Transistor Datasheet Guide: Scan: PDF 2N109:. 2N Series Transistors If you need help locating specs for 2N Series transistors,. 2N109 datasheet, cross reference. Safe operating area curves indicate IC − VCE. RCA 2N106 P5 ETC.

Technical Information - Philips Semiconductors BC107 Datasheet. Complementary Silicon Plastic Power Transistors. Three companies were most active in this area - Raytheon ( with the CK722) GE ( with the 2N107/ 2N170) 2n107 , Sylvania ( with the 2N35 2n107 the 2N229). 2N107 datasheet circuit , cross reference application notes in pdf format. New PNP Junction Transistors for the Entertainment Market: Types 2N186 2N191, 2N189, 2N187A, 2N187, 2N188A, 2N188, 2N186A, 2N190 2N192 : This tiny undated 8- page document from General Electric is clearly from the earliest introduction of the 2N107 transistor: Type 2N107 TRANSISTOR CIRCUITS For EXPERIMENTERS · AMATEURS. BC107 - BC107 NPN General Purpose Transistor Datasheet - Buy BC107. The 2N107 is an early germanium alloy junction PNP transistor developed by General Electric ( GE) in 1955, to become GE' s entry into the electronic hobbyist market successfully 2n107 started with the CK722 transistor.

Historic Germanium Computer Transistors Research and Collecting Kit Page 1 GENERAL ELECTRIC. What transistor would you use? 2N107 datasheet , datasheet, 2N107 data sheet : ETC1 - alloy- junction germanium transistors, integrated circuits, Semiconductors, triacs, 2N107 circuit, alldatasheet, diodes, Datasheet search 2n107 site for Electronic Components 2n107 other semiconductors. Each of these companies developed hobbyist construction booklets that featured projects using the low cost transistors – which transistor did you use for your first project? a transistor: average junction temperature and second breakdown.

2N697 150mA 60V Bi- Polar Transistor BJT Power Central Semiconductor. 2N107 datasheet Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , , diodes, 2N107 circuit : ETC1 - alloy- junction germanium transistors, 2N107 datasheets, 2n107 alldatasheet, 2N107 pdf, triacs, integrated circuits, Semiconductors, datasheet other semiconductors. 2n107 The publication shows. 2N107 equivalent transistor Part Information & Rapid Quote Request from distributor 1- Source Electronic Components. The General Electric 2N107 was introduced as an affordable hobbyist PNP AF.
The American 2N series Transistors.

Datasheet transistor

2N6107 - 2N6107 PNP Power Transistor Datasheet - Buy 2N6107. Technical Information - ON Semiconductor 2N6107 Datasheet. Tube AC 125 or Röhre AC125 ID33949, Transistor, Wires and Audio Frequency shown. Radio tubes are valves. GE 2N107 Transistor ( packing slip application schematics) GE Glow Tubes ( VR- 75, VR- 90, VR- 105, VR- 150, GL- 874) Johnson 149 Series Variable Capacitors ( PDF) Meissner Antenna & RF Oscillator Coils; Merit Transformers in Leeds Catalog Magazine Ad Page; Miller to RCA Exact Replacement Sheet for TV Coils, Side 1. transistor, base open, in series with 1kohm and supplied by 15V, will.

2n107 transistor datasheet

it was a metal can, 2N107 I think. It wasn' t photosensitive. They have datasheet values.